Somatic evolution of marine transmissible leukemias in the common cockle

Published in Nature Cancer, 2023

Recommended citation: Bruzos AL, et al. (2023). "Somatic evolution of marine transmissible leukemias in the common cockle, Cerastoderma edule." Nature Cancer. doi: - IF(2021) = 23.177

Complete Citation:
Bruzos AL, Santamarina M, García-Souto D, Díaz S, Rocha S, Zamora J, Lee Y, Viña-Feás A, Quail MA, Otero I, Pequeño A, Temes J, Rodriguez-Castro J, Aramburu L, Vidal A, Villanueva A, Costas D,Rodríguez R, Prieto T, Tomás L, Alvariño P, Alonso J, Cao A, Iglesias D, Carballal MJ, Amaral AM, Balseiro P, Calado R, El Khalfi B, Izagirre U, Montaudouin X, Pade NG, Probert I, Ricardo F, Ruiz P, Skazina M, Smolarz K, Pasantes JJ, Villalba A, Ning Z, Ju YS, Posada D, Demeulemeester J, Baez-Ortega A, Tubio JMC. “Somatic evolution of marine transmissible leukemias in the common cockle, Cerastoderma edule.” Nature Cancer 4, 1575–1591 (2023). doi:
Previously published on Biorxiv.
IF(2021) = 23.177

About the paper:
This paper was the work of 7 years studying the genetics of cockle transmissible cancers.

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Position of AL Bruzos: 1 (first authorship)
Total number of authors: 45
Authors: Bruzos AL; Santamarina M; García-Souto D; Díaz S; Rocha S; Zamora J; Lee Y; Viña-Feás A; Quail MA; Otero I; Pequeño A; Temes J; Rodriguez-Castro J; Aramburu L; Vidal A; Villanueva A; Costas D;Rodríguez R; Prieto T; Tomás L; Alvariño P; Alonso J; Cao A; Iglesias D; Carballal MJ; Amaral AM; Balseiro P; Calado R; El Khalfi B; Izagirre U; Montaudouin X; Pade NG; Probert I; Ricardo F; Ruiz P; Skazina M; Smolarz K; Pasantes JJ; Villalba A; Ning Z; Ju YS; Posada D; Demeulemeester J; Baez-Ortega A; Tubio JMC.

Journal information
ISSN / eISSN: 2662-1347
Journal Impact Factor (JIF): 23.177 (2023)
WoS Research Areas: Oncology
JCR Category Rank: 12/241
JCR Category Quartile: Q1 (11/317)

Peer-review process:
Received: 22 November 2022
Accepted: 23 August 2023
Published: 02 October 2023