I’ve been fortunate to have worked on several international and interesting research projects in the field of cancer genomics. Keep an eye on the space below to see the list of publications my work has contributed to (hopefully!) grow…

TopicYearJournalImpact Factor*First authorshipComments
Mitochondrial genome sequencing of marine leukaemias reveals cancer contagion between clam species in the Seas of Southern Europe2022Elife8.14 (2020)yesPart of my doctoral thesis
Assessing the elemental fingerprints of cockle shells to confirm their geographic origin from regional to international spatial scales2022STOTEN7.96 (2020)noCollaboration within the framework of Scuba Cancers project
Aberrant integration of Hepatitis B virus DNA promotes major restructuring of human hepatocellular carcinoma genome architecture2021Nature Communications14.92 (2020)noCollaboration with a lab colleague
Pan-Cancer analysis of whole genomes identifies driver rearrangements promoted by LINE-1 retrotransposition2020Nature Genetics38.33noPart of my master’s degree thesis
Pan-Cancer analysis of whole genomes2020Nature49.96noPart of my master’s degree thesis

# Accepted manuscript, pending publication
* IF taken from Web of Science on the data relative to the publication unless otherwise stated year