Outreach activities

Commitment to public outreach is central in my career and therefore, I am always willing to participate on activities that engage society with the excitement of science. I have even participated in making a children’s coloring book .

Miscellaneous initiatives (4)

  • Escaparates 11F (2023). The project Escaparates11F is a joint initiative of “Made in Zaragoza” and the 11deFebrero to browse the windows of the most creative stores in the city of Zaragoza (Spain) and discover more than 50 women scientists of all time. See a picture
  • Children’s colouring science book (2021). The project Scientists Meet the Artists joined 12 scientists and 12 illustrators to design a series of drawings for children to colour and learn marine scientific concepts. The book was presented on the World Oceans Day (June 8th). Download the book here, Watch here the presentation day or See children painting
  • Infography for a research association (2020). Participation in the iniciative “Que se investiga en Galicia?” of InvestiGal association. Visit Here Download Here
  • Open doors day (2019). Participation as an instructor in workshops, conferences and debates for kids and adults in the event Ciencia Sigular of CiMUS (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).

Videos (5) and podcasting (2)

  • School radio (2023). A school radio project produced by IES Mata Jove (Gijón, Spain) used by both students and teachers to learn how to broadcast content and reach the entire local community. Listen Here: Apple podcast - episode 36
  • Institutional video (2022). The Galician initiative ‘Por máis mulleres na ciencia’ consisted on 7 videos recorded to show different roles that women can take in the science of IDIS, from managing or technicians to researchers or leaders. Watch here
  • 3MT video (2022). The activity #Cuéntame3min is for scientists of all stages and from all STEM areas to record a 3-minute video explaining their research to a non-specialized audience. Watch here my application, I was awarded the first place See here.
  • Research promotional film (2020). Our regional government financed short films of outstanding research projects that were developed in Galicia. Scuba Cancers project in which my doctoral thesis is framed was recorded and I participated with its content preparation and giving a short statement. Watch here
  • Research promotional short film (2020). Our research institute (CiMUS) recorded a promotional video with the participation of the authors involved in the Pan-cancer initiative when the results were published in high impact journals; my participation involved content edition, recorded statements and laboratory shots. Watch here
  • Research video (2019). ASEICA PhD video competition. Youth scientists talk about their research in three minutes, I reached more than 11,600 views in Twitter. Watch here
  • Podcasting (2019). Realization and production team of two episodes of the CiMUSpodcast that was born with the purpose of getting the research carried out at CiMUS to other researchers, students and people not related to the scientific field. Episode 1 - Episode 2

General public talks (6)

  • Pint of Science Festival - Spain (2023). 22-24 May 2022. I gave the talk “El viaje submarino de una célula de cáncer” at Bar la Olímpica, A Coruña, Spain. Advertisement
  • Young Marine Biologist Club (2023). A two-parts talk covering science and career advice for young members of the Marine Biological Association. Advertisement
  • Falling Walls Lab (2022). Falling Walls is an international pitch competition about science, business, politics, arts and society. I was finalist in the Spanish national competition with the talk “Breaking the Walls of Cancer Metastasis”. Watch here
  • Pint of Science Festival - UK (2022). PoS is an annual science festival that aims to communicate contemporary scientific developments to the public by bringing scientists to pubs, cafés and other public places to share their research and findings. 9-11 May 2022. I gave the talk “The journey of a cancer cell” at Ink@84, London, United Kingdom. Advertisement
  • Science outreach talk (2019). “Understanding metastasis through transmissible cancers” Happy Fridays (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).
  • Science outreach talk (2018). “Unravelling cancer evolution using cockles” Café con Sal (Vigo, Spain). Announcement in the news.

Opinion editorials (3)

  • La medicina sumergida en el océano (2023). A brief opinion editorial about marine animal models in basic research for the regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia (02-Oct-2023, page 13). Read here or here
  • El cáncer se contagia en el mar (2022). A brief opinion editorial for the regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia highlights the dangers of moving bivalve species from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea (20-Jan-2022, page 13). Read here or here
  • Virus y cancer: una pareja peligrosa (2021). A brief opinion editorial for the regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia about viral genome integrations and their role in causing some human cancers (20-Dec-2021, page 11). Read here or here

Popular science articles (12)

  • Frontiers for Young Minds (2023). An article entitled “Contagious Cancers That Can Spread Between Ocean Organisms” about general concepts of the biology of these cancers, it was reviewed by 2 young children. Read Here
  • Behind the paper - Nature Community (2023). An article entitled “Evolutionary Insights into Cockle Transmissible Cancers” summarizing the main findings of my main PhD publication. Read Here
  • The Conversation (2023). Article entitled “El viaje de una célula submarina” that was finalist in the Outreach Award in Medicine and Health (open access news source). Read Here
  • FEBS blog (2023). Nobel laureates mentoring the next generation of scientists: insights from an early-career researcher published in FEBS blog for the network members. Read Here
  • Investigación y ciencia (2023). “El cáncer de las almejas” published in Investigación y Ciencia, n 556(January 2023), pages 50-54 (Spanish version of “Scientific American”. Download Here
  • Panorama Acuicola Magazine (2022). Contagio de cáncer en almejas: una amenaza ecológica published in Panorama acuicola whose target audience is the Latin American aquaculture industry. Read Here
  • Aquaculture Magazine (2022). “Cancer contagion on clams: an ecological threat” published in Aquaculture Magazine. Read Here
  • The Conversation (2021). Overview about cancers that can be contagious. Article entitled “El cáncer se puede contagiar (al menos en animales)” published in The Conversation (open access news source). Read Here
  • Institutional bulletin nEDIUS (2021). Brief article to encourage doctoral students to plan international research stays entitled “Como che vai na túa estadía?” nEDIUS 3:15. Download Here
  • The Cancer Researcher (2020). The story of how my master thesis gave me the opportunity to publish my first ever paper in a high-impact journal. Article entitled “How my master’s thesis on jumping genes became part of an article in Nature” published in The Cancer Researcher (EACR online magazine). Read Here
  • Encuentros en la Biología (2019). “Las claves de las metástasis enterradas en la arena.” Encuentros en la Biología 169: 5–7. ISBN 2254-0296. Read Here
  • Institutional blog “Océano Ecimat” (2018). “Cáncer transmisible de bivalvos para desentrañar la evolución del cáncer.” Océano Ecimat. Read Here

School visits (13: 9 Spanish + 3 British + 1 Canadian/US)

  • Maristas-Santa María, Ourense, SPAIN. 07-Mar-2023, in person.

Topic: La voz de la mujer STEM Students aged 15-16.

  • IES Mata Jove, Gijón, SPAIN. 10-Feb-2023, in person.

Biology sudents aged 15-16. Topic: 11 de febrero More info

  • British School, A Coruña, SPAIN. 09-Feb-2023, in person.

2 primary-school classes aged 6-7. Topic: Conócelas-ASEICA

  • IES Rafael Dieste, A Coruña, SPAIN. 07-Feb-2023, virtual.

Students aged 13. Topic: Conócelas-ASEICA

  • RFIS Intermediate School, Flemington, New Jersey, USA and St. Theresa Catholic Elementary School, Ontario, CANADA. 02-Dec-2022, virtual.

Topic: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants. Initiative established on 2015 to connect those on the frontlines of science and exploration to classrooms through virtual sessions; 3,500+ live events, connecting over a million students with scientists and explorers in 100 countries. Together with Dr. Wing Yan (U. Melbourne, Australia), we gave a talk about Water sampling on the Arctic Polar Circle for a eDNA project. Watch Here

  • Rotherfield Primary School, London, UK. 14-Mar-2022, in person.

I gave two 15-min talks addresed to ~100 scholars aged 6-10. Topic: BSW is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that took place between 11-20 March 2022.

  • CEIP Monte dos Postes, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. 08-Feb-2022, virtual.

2 primary-school classes aged 8-10. Topic: Conócelas-ASEICA. Pictures

  • IES Federica Montseny, Valencia, SPAIN. 07-Feb-2022, virtual.

Students of a public vocational training. Topic: 11 de febrero is a citizen initiative to commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science through activities to visibilize the work of women who are dedicated to STEM areas and create female role models for children who can contribute to the choice of these areas as professional careers. More info

  • Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey, UK. 17-Dec-2021, virtual.

Biology students of high school level. Topic: In pandemic time, this project is connecting real-life scientists with classrooms across the globe. (2021) Class picture vs Scientist picture

  • Acland Burghley School, London, UK. 17-Nov-2021, in person.

School’s networking event for Year 9 female students. Topic: women in STEM.

  • Colegio M. Peleteiro, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. 17-Mar-2021, virtual.

2 classes aged 17-18. Topic: Semana de orientación laboral. One hour talking with high school students about their career orientation focusing on STEM and particularly in biology, biotechnology, and biochemistry.

  • Colegio M. Peleteiro, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. 08-Feb-2021, virtual.

2 classes aged 13-14. Topic: Conócelas-ASEICA A project to encourage girls to study STEM organized by the Spanish Association of Cancer Research. I gave a talk entitled “¿Qué nos puede enseñar un berberecho sobre el cáncer?” (2021) Pictures

  • Compañía de María, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN. 25-Apr-2019, in person.

9 classes aged 8-10. Topic: International DNA Day. (2019). Monitor of activities for pupils aged 8-10 organized for 9 primary-school classes in the International DNA Day (Colegio Compañía de María, Santiago de Compostela, Spain). Picture Here

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