Skills of Alicia in more detail…

Research and Analysis. My training and broad experience in international institutions has equipped me with skills that allow me to analyse and interpret a wide range of data and present results in an easy-to-digest format. Aside from my bioinformatic skills, my field and molecular laboratory experience give me a comprenhensive overview of multidisciplinary projects.

Innovation and Problem Solving. I am continually seeking to find new ways to approach and solve problems that appear in my daily research. The contagion of cancer under the sea is an environmental issue that should be addressed in the following years, as part of my research, I am involved in a diagnosis test that could assist the monitoring and prevention of cancer spread in marine bivalves.

Leadership and Teamwork. By mentoring university students, I realized the importance of being a thought leader to inspire and motivate students throughout the way. At the same time, I have been working on a team since I started my doctoral degree and I think I adapt well to team to them.

Time/People/Project Management. Along these years, I have managed fully to engage in diverse activities stated in this website holding down a very demanding job. With organisation and perseverence, I met the deadlines and try to communicate effectively with colleagues and students so that they have realistic expectations of me.

International Engagement and Networking. Research has taken me to many places around the world what has taught me how to build bridges between countries and to work with people from different cultures. Aside from my work placements, I often attend international conferences to expand my connections and collaborations.

Communication and Teaching. I have learnt to adapt my wrting/speaking style to appropiate contexts and audience levels. The most obvious example is my authorships of academic publications opposed to my participation in different outreach activities. I had also got some experience teaching at university level and found that a very rewarding experience getting positive feedback emails from students.

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